This page is dedicated to the search of the visual form of characters for the full length 3D animated movie. The name of project is commercial secret. The sketches were done by description of the script writers. The plot is classic: the main character, his girl-friend, the wise helper and a villain. We started with them. There are a lot of other characters besides those ones, but it’s too early to talk about them. We started the developmental work with really crazy and unreal sketches. We polished the characters, adjusting them to the director’s idea and sooner they began to acquire the finished and laconic appearance. In this unit only conceptual pieces of work are presented.
In a short time I will dedicate an article to the creation of concepts of 3D animation characters in the “workshop” page.

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Only a small part of all materials is represented here: morphemes, the search of the color of the skin, hairstyles etc. Of course it’s forbidden to show anything before the official release. Gradually the unit is going to be enlarged.
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