A young man by name of Kostya, is not yet settled down in his life. He decided to cheat his own destiny by placing his resume on the internet with the false information. He gets the managerТs position at the night club. During his first working night he can only guess about his responsibilities but is faced with different decisions in order to resolve many professional and private problems. After 24 hours in the club, Kostya leaves as a completely changed person. This particular event dramatically affects his life by introducing to different people with odd characters and behavior. The entire film is based on one night in the night club, a night filled with many different characters and stormy events.
A big part of the movie "club 69" take place at the night club. This is an ordinary club with dance and life music. ThatТs the place where the main character, Kostya, experiences all adventures. As a result the film is stylized in a disco theme. Everything starts when the lights turn on in the complete darkness. The movie opens as a virtual camera follows the cord. As the camera moves , it stops before each actor and stabilizes the image as ink drawing on the coarse cardboard. The purpose of this is to keep a representation of characters without loosing style. In the end the drawings are put onto the cord. As the camera moves rapidly, under upbeat music, a slow motion is applied in order to give the viewer a chance to see the characters and their names.
At the moment of slow motion after the credits appear, the image on screen is in some sort of action to represent the certain character. For example the image Cherkess (Alexander Gorbunov), ex military paratrooper, who is now the cook at the club is getting cut by a knife and the images of the two Mafia members are getting shot as it target practice., etc. Finally , the neon cord brings us to the large , beaming clubТs sign.
All materials are prepared under 2K permission.

Movie is made to be shown at the movie theaters. Materials such as photos .., were used from the film set to design the credits. Trailer will be shown later.

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