“The Dyatlows” – is Russia’s first 3D animation serial. The serial operates 3D digital graphics and unique animation technologies. It is broadcasted on television and will be released on DVD I am the project’s designer: I make sketches, drawings of characters, backgrounds and objects. After this our specialists implement all this in 3D graphics and animate it.
I have taken part in already about 15 series.

It has been big work. The artistic approach was conditioned by the specifics of the project. The Dyatlows is quite a multi-pronged project, with many epochs presented and costumes and specific images.
There is a huge number of different backgrounds, each of them implemented in its individual style. For example, there are man-caused locations crammed with machines and mechanisms. And their total contrast is living locations full of warmness and coziness. The interior above all should tell us about its dwellers, it has to bear emotional and psychological message which is brought home through form and color. Say, whilst looking at one interior the viewer feels discomfort and fear because that is the room of the main villain, and it is quite a different feeling when we’re in a room of a protagonist or the main character! It’s a very important point, of huge importance in forming the viewer’s attitude to a character and to the film as a whole.
Here you will find several backgrounds:
Here you will find several sketches and drawings:
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