«The Human Quest» - this is a fantastic story about the world which is populated only by robots. They live in cities, use transport, get married, make war …, in other words they are almost like people. There is a war on the Planet between opposing groups: “the lefts” and “the rights”. “The lefts” are assembled on the left thread, “the right” are assembled on the right thread. The robots are very different. Some look like people, others are like various devices and some cannot be compared with anything. MAN is the enigma of this world. Man is God at the planet populated by robots. He is considered to be Creator who made first Robots and then mysteriously disappeared. It happened so long ago that some believe in “Man” and some don’t. From time to time robots find different things they believe belonged to Man. The main characters are going to solve the mystery, combating at the same time against “bed robots” and discovering in themselves human qualities.
The style lowtech was taken as the conceptual direction. Almost all the textures are rusty, burned by sun, with rude welds and huge bolts. The searching of different color schemas started from the examination of conditions in real deserts. For example, how the color of send changes when the night comes or when it dawns. The city where the main characters live is very diverse. Moreover it looks like an enormous liner. It is constantly moving along the desert on caterpillar tracks. Every level of the city has its own destination and is populated with corresponding dwellers. That’s why every level has its own coloration.
Working out of the interior designs. Houses where robots live look like ours but for the stylistic reasons there are no smooth surfaces, carpets, pillows etc. Strictness and minimalism prevail. You can often see rude welds and huge bolts. This is the aesthetics of this world. Many of the interior objects are functional. For example the bed of a cabin boy looks like a charger for batteries.
Visually the film represents the following: static backgrounds and animated 3d characters. Shading and coloration was done in 3D. Rendered scenes were put in final form with shades, highlights, textures, contours and coloring done in 2D programs.
The total number of the drawn backgrounds exceeds 200. Many of them are large panoramas.
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