"SAPSAN" (2008)
Full length 3D animated movie.
Directors & Writers: Sveshnikov brothers
Cast: Konstantin Khtabensky, Renata Litvinova, Aleksei Gorbunov, Liliya Kondrova
Production Company: "Era Vodolea"
The plot of the film “Sapsan” is the story of a young falcon, who as the fates decree found himself in a family of pigeons. They grew him up as their own child and inculcated him a love of the most famous game: football.
From the interview:
"The world of the “Sapsan” is quite unusual and very interesting. This is the world of urban animals. The action takes place in Moscow and the cartoon city with lots of sights and quintessentially Moscow architecture is easy to recognize. But we look at the city with the eyes of birds..."
   Arthur Mirzoyan (production designer)

Of course it’s forbidden to show anything before the official release and I’m sorry for scant information. Gradually the section is going to be enlarged.
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